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Have you ever watched a film that won the Best Picture award at the Oscars and left the screening scratching your head, wondering why or how it could have proclaimed the best film of the year?

There is something about the Academy Award for Best Motion Picture that makes the event perfect for water cooler talk. Not only the day following the presentation but in some cases for years after.

Did the Academy get it right when they honoured Annie Hall over Star Wars?

How in the world was Pulp Fiction not recognized for changing the game?

Shakespeare in Love? More like, Shakespeare should've 'shown some love,' to Saving Private Ryan! Am I right?

Can you imagine a podcast where film buffs and critics get together to debate, discuss and dissect Oscar bait? Or maybe you've always wanted to listen in as a passionate group of movie watchers recalls, rates, and reviews a particular year in film history. Did AMPAS get it right? Or does the panel need to call for a DewOver?

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